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Black Duck Partners

BDP is one of the largest franchisees in the Planet Fitness franchise chain of health clubs. BDP operates over 125 clubs in twelve states and two countries including; Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Arizona, New York, and Winnipeg, Manitoba.


BDP also developed and operates US Fitness Solutions, which is comprised of the following:


  • US Fitness Parts (USFP) is an internal warehouse of equipment parts, enabling streamlined service repairs on equipment.

  • Unifix (UFX) is an all-in-one facilities maintenance system, allowing users to input, track, and coordinate repair solutions across multiple locations. It emphasizes streamlined communication, equipment uptime, and is built by operators for operators.

  • US Fitness Repair Techs (USFR) is comprised of certified repair technicians across the nation who specialize in servicing fitness equipment.

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PF Mission

We foster the mission of Planet Fitness to create a Judgement Free Zone®: a non-intimidating environment that makes everyone feel comfortable. We cater to the first-time or occasional gym users, creating a hassle-free, welcoming fitness environment. We continue to democratize fitness with our differentiated model, breaking down the barriers of intimidation and affordability for the approximately 80 percent of the population that does not have a gym membership.

USFP Mission

US Fitness Parts is the premier source for a comprehensive array of cardio and strength equipment components, ensuring smooth operation and user safety. Our platform offers a wide selection, from motor controllers to drive belts for treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes, as well as strength equipment parts like cables and weight stacks. With a commitment to quality and accessibility, we facilitate efficient repairs through a user-friendly website, providing everything from core components to complementary accessories for all fitness equipment needs.

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UFX Mission

Unifix empowers operators with a maintenance system tailored to their needs, fostering seamless communication and maximizing equipment uptime. By simplifying the ticketing process for equipment issues, our system enables swift resolutions, driving operational efficiency and minimizing downtime. We are dedicated to continuously refining and optimizing maintenance workflows to enhance overall operational performance and ensure smooth facility operations.

USFR Mission

US Fitness Repair excels in the repair and maintenance of all fitness equipment, encompassing cardio to strength machines. With certified technicians committed to prompt, dependable service, we utilize premium new and used parts to ensure the seamless operation of machines. Our unwavering dedication lies in delivering exceptional service and fostering customer satisfaction, ensuring every fitness equipment need is met with excellence.

Internal Growth & Development

We strive to grow our teams from within. Over 150 of our senior leaders began their journey in an entry-level position. Through hard work and a drive to succeed they have developed skills and attributes to become integral members of our team.

“All areas of the business run on a meritocracy structure which allows individuals to excel and have a lot of control of their own growth path within the company. I feel very fortunate to be part of a great growth story.”
"BDP has always offered exceptional opportunities for professional and personal growth. The company continues to challenge me in unique and exciting ways."
Black Duck Partners has not only been about building a career, but evolving alongside a company that values its employees’ growth, creating a sense of camaraderie that makes each day at BDP not just a job, but a continuous journey.
“I am grateful for the people and opportunities this company has brought me in these past ten years. I have gained confidence about myself and what I am capable of as a leader.”
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