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Employee Testimonials
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This is a great company to work for! They are not only invested in an employees growth within the company, but also care about the actual employee! The experience and knowledge that I have gained from working here has better equipped me for the future. The atmosphere is fun, relaxed and never dull!

-Rachael P

This has been an amazing company to work for. The growth and opportunities have been tremendous. I have learned so much in the 8 years and 4 positions I have been in. Everyone is great to work with and we have a lot of fun.

-Casey H

I love working for this company! The employees are excellent to work with and I've learned a lot through this journey.

-Caitlin H.

I have been an employee for a little over a year and I have had a great experience! With the help of great leadership I was able to be promoted to manager in just 8 months. I can tell that me and my staff are valued not only as employees but as people. Hard work never goes unrecognized and mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities. I have always felt comfortable when asking questions or seeking advice from my superiors, consequently the tasks of the job are done efficiently and effectively. I am proud to be a part of this company and I am eager to continue to learn and grow!

-Micah M.

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